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It is time to do business differently…

Stop focusing with the limited impact of traditional training and coaching.

Eliminate the repetitive need for coping and adapting behaviors which don’t work anyway.

You are looking for real and lasting change, plan to join us in Memphis to…

Accelerate Sustainable Success by:
Utilizing the power of the subconscious
     • Elevating effectiveness through accessing the Whole-Brain State
     • Creating high-speed mindset change

Learn How To be Catalyst in Business for Change, Transformation and Achieving Results

Perth Western Australia:
May 24, 25 & 26, 2021

Three-day interactive learning session focusing on:

• Impact of Beliefs with Professional Success
• Review of Whole-Brain concepts
• Clarify three aspects of the Mind
• Establishing direct connection with subconscious
• Learn and experience two methods for establishing supportive beliefs
• Practice creating personalized beliefs to enhance your success
• Explore ways of everyday use for ongoing improvement
• Integration of learning through abundant practice and discussions

Includes one-hour post workshop group conference call



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Register: $1995 USD/ $1795 by 2020


Presented by
US Based PER-K™ Instructor and Director of PER-K™:

Robin L. Graham   


Local Australia contact:
Alex & Rod McDonald


Workshop location:


The prerequisite for this workshop is to have an open, curious perspective and be willing to elevate, expand and evolve yourself and your business.

This is a full three days of learning the processes of PER-K in order to transform your own professional and personal experiences while learning how to use these processes within a coaching or consulting environment.

The personal development workshop, PSYCH-KBasic, is not required prior to attending the PER-K Essentials for Success workshop. If you have already attended the PSYCH-K Basic workshop, then we offer a special PER-K workshop for you.

See info at PER-K®™ for PSYCH-K™ Facilitators

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