Certified PER-K® Catalyst Program

By attending the Essentials for Success™ workshop and being a PER-K® Catalyst, you have the opportunity to create accelerated and significant impact for yourself, your clients, and your organization.

And, you may want to expand to become a Certified PER-K® Catalyst.

This certification expands the depth of applications and understanding of the PER-K® processes for high-speed mindset change – resulting in accelerated evolution for the individuals and the organization through one to one sessions and group conversations.

Being a Certified PER-K® Catalyst is for someone wanting to specialize with the PER-K® processes in coaching and consulting.

Note: PER-K® is best applied in a one-to-one setting. The overall informational concepts can be shared with a group, however one-to-one sessions are required to apply the PER-K® transformational process for each individual. PER-K® honors the uniqueness of each individual’s capacity for personal transformation.

If you are interested in teaching the PER-K® processes to groups, then review the Certified PER-K® Instructor Program.

The PER-K® Catalyst Certification delivers:

  • In-depth discussions of applying PER-K® within a business environment
  • Experiential coaching/consulting sessions with immediate feedback
  • Mentoring sessions for integration of PER-K® within coaching, consulting and specific applications
  • Options for using PER-K® with both individual and groups
  • Learning specialized application for creating Rapport
  • Utilizing Rapport within team/group or with specific client application
  • Understanding how to work with collective consciousness  (Surrogation)
  • Using Surrogation and self muscle-testing for phone coaching/consulting
  • Using Surrogation applied to change processes for groups or concepts
  • Discussion and sharing of marketing opportunities
  • Establishing ongoing partnerships and alliances


Achieving Certified PER-K® Catalyst provides:

  • Certification credentials and credibility
  • Expanded understanding and applications of PER-K®
  • Confirmed qualifications and proficiency
  • International website listing
  • Referral source for prospective clients
  • Referral source for projects
  • Additional support and application forum

Qualifications and Prerequisites for applying:

  • Currently active as a consultant or delivering coaching sessions (independent or within organizations)
  • At least two years experience as a consultant or coach (independent or within organizations)
  • Completion of the Essentials for Success™ workshop prior to application
  • 30 days experience using PER-K® with clients prior to applying for certification
  • Application submitted at least two months prior to scheduled certification
  • Able to discuss and share in English
  • Personally aligned with holistic approach including mind, body, and spirit concepts with recognition that beliefs and mindset impact personal and professional success

Two Stage Certification Process includes:

  • Application and Acceptance
  • Three-day in-person Intensive

Note: This certification does not teach how to be a coach, consultant or how to operate a business. It focuses on applying PER-K® processes.

For more information on becoming a Certified PER-K® Catalyst please fill out the request form and send it to us:

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