Certified PER-K® Catalysts

Certified PER-K® Catalysts are specially trained to facilitate high-speed mind set change with individuals.  Their backgrounds vary with respect to traditional coaching skills and experience, but they all share this cutting edge skill-set of being able to assist individuals in need of a significant shift in self-limiting subconscious beliefs that drive self-limiting behaviors, both personally and professionally.

The PER-K® Centre International has made every effort to list only qualified PER-K® Catalysts on our website.  While it is impossible to guarantee that each PER-K® Catalyst will meet your expectations through his or her service, we can guarantee that anyone listed on this page has met rigorous standards of training to in order to be listed here.

Each person listed here is an independent agent, and is not a employee of The Myrddin Corporation, aka the PER-K® Centre International.  Hence, users of the this list of Certified PER-K® Catalysts expressly agree that services rendered are at their own sole risk. The listing of Certified PER-K® Catalysts is provided as a courtesy to individuals looking for the application of PER-K® in a one-to-one private session format.  Be advised that Certified PER-K® Catalysts are not authorized to teach PER-K®. The sessions are limited to the facilitation of PER-K® for the express purpose of goal realization, in either a coaching environment.

The Myrddin Corporation, dba The PER-K® Centre International, makes no warranty or claims that the services will meet the user’s requirements or expectations. Nor does The Myrddin Corporation make any warranty as to the accuracy or reliability of any information obtained through Certified PER-K® Catalysts services. The Myrddin Corporation shall not be liable for any direct, indirect, incidental, special or consequential damages resulting from the use or the inability to use the Certified PER-K® Catalysts services.

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