PER-K® Workshop Description

Essentials for Success

Attending this workshop provides ability to:

  • Achieve success faster
  • Create a culture that accepts and welcomes change
  • Enhance implementation of all training and coaching
  • Establish subconscious alignment by individual to achieve business goals
  • Increase sales performance and results
  • Expand exceptional leadership throughout the organization
  • Elevate to a greater capacity for effective communication
  • Enhance team or group interaction
  • Create a wellness mindset to reduce absenteeism
  • Revitalize passion and commitment
  • Align business principles with Principles of Nature to create sustainable success
  • Discover how success is impacted by latest sciences such as neuroplasticity, quantum perspective and mind/body integration

Overcome the fears and limitations that stop you from doing what you know you can do!

Workshop focuses on:

  • Learning the Change Processes
  • Experiencing Belief Changes
  • Applying the Processes
  • Integrating New Beliefs for Sustainable Success

General Agenda:

  • Impact of Beliefs with Professional Success
  • Review of Whole-Brain concepts
  • Clarify conscious, subconscious and superconscious Minds
  • Establishing direct connection with the subconscious Mind
  • Learn and experience two methods for changing self-limiting beliefs
  • Practice creating personalized beliefs to enhance your personal success
  • Learn how to use PER-K® to enhance ongoing improvement, personally and professionally
  • Integration of learning through abundant practice and discussions