Instructor Certification Program

After attending the Essentials for Success™ workshop and being a PER-K® Catalyst, you may choose to expand your opportunity to create accelerated change, in order to expand your ability to  significantly impact for yourself, clients, and organization(s), by becoming a Certified PER-K® Catalyst.  If you choose to further leverage your PER-K® skills by teaching PER-K® workshops, you can pursue the path to becoming a Certified PER-K® Instructor.

This Certification prepares an individual to teach the PER-K® Essentials for Success™ workshop.
There is an additional Certification to teach Rapport: Congruent Communication workshop.

Attending the PER-K® Certification program is for those interested in teaching PER-K® processes to groups.

The PER-K® Instructor Certification delivers:

  • In-depth discussion of PER-K® processes
  • Review of PER-K® applications within the context of a workshop
  • Discussion and experience of teaching each workshop segment
  • Immediate feedback of teaching style, content and any suggestions for improvement
  • Exploration of marketing, positioning and support options
  • Review of PER-K® administration details
  • Establish on-going partnerships and alliances
  • Mentor Instructor assigned for support, feedback and clarifications

Achieving Certified PER-K® Instructor provides the ability to:

  • Teach the Essentials for Success™ Workshop
  • (Optional) Teach Rapport: Congruent Communication  (additional Certification Program required)
  • Teach anywhere in the world (unrestricted territories)
  • International web site listing
    ~ Referral source for organizations
    ~ Referral source for projects
  • Additional support and Instructor forum

Qualifications prior to applying:

  • Experience teaching a minimum of 12 full day or multiple day workshops
    ~ workshop less than 6 hours are not valid
  • Documentation of instructing or facilitating business groups
  • Preferred completion of professional trainer/facilitator training
    (ie. Bob Pike Group, International Associations of Facilitators IAF, Langevin Learning etc.)
  • Experience of business and organization knowledge
  • Experience and understanding of PER-K® applications within business and organizations
  • Able to discuss and share in English
  • Personally aligned with holistic approach including mind, body and spirit concepts with recognition that beliefs and mindset impact personal and professional success
  • Agreement and understanding that Myrddin Corporation Agent maintains the right to observe any workshop

Instructor Certification Prerequisites:

  • Attend and complete two Essentials for Success workshops
    ~ First one attended prior to submitting application
    ~ Second one attended within 3 months prior to in-person certification training
  • Sponsor one Essentials for Success workshop publicly or in-house
    ~ A minimum of 10 participants must be in attendance
  • Attend the PSYCH-K® Advanced Integration Workshop for personal evolution
  • Application submitted at least two months prior to scheduled Certification

Two Stage Certification Process includes:

  • Application submission and acceptance
  • Successful completion of six-day in-person Certification Program

Note: Instructor Certification is available only for individuals (independent or employed), not an organization. The Instructor is expected to teach a minimum of 50 participants per year to maintain Instructor status.

PER-K® Instructor Certification Schedule: 2017: TBA

PER-K® Instructor Certification Request

Please provide the following information to indicate your commitment to inquiring about being a Certified PER-K® Instructor. After a quick review of your information, you will receive an email outlining the next step for the Certification Process.

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