PER-K® represents one of the most important, effective, rapid and empowering
belief change processes available on this planet today.”
-Bruce H. Lipton, Ph.D. Best Selling Author, International Speaker, & former Cellular Biologist

What Business People Are Saying…

PER-K® helped me personally to expand my focus and transform any fears about stepping into leadership of my family business. We now use it throughout the company for all to expand, be happier, and make the company better and more successful.”

Pedro Ulibarri
Grupo Belén, Costa Rica


There are so many trainings, tools and tips for companies. Often they choose a quick win, which later appears to be a waste of time. That being my experience, I seldom happen to hear about a method of which I think: ‘this could be different; this method seems to be more sustainable and applicable in our corporate world.’

The great breakthrough came when I started applying PER-K® with the managers in my coaching practice. Those were strong personalities, operations wiz kids and members of management who had already done and seen so much. At least that is what they said. However, they kept bumping into limiting beliefs, which made their life and work very difficult.

Like the sales manager who just recovered from burn-out. He was very much aware of his own limiting motivation ‘perfectionism’, but he did not know how to deal with it. By balancing this belief into a quality and talent instead of a pitfall, his attitude has strongly changed. Now he constantly is helping his colleagues to see and let go of their own perfectionism.

It is exciting that the business world now has access to this new neurological technology with which we can finally let go of our old patterns. This way we will make room for renovation within ourselves, so that we can also pragmatically apply and shape our teams, customers, and all stakeholders that can benefit from it.”

Luc Limère
Senior Leadership and Organizational Coach
Limère & Partners, Belgium


We need to transform the way business & financial decisions are made. That requires expanding into broader perspectives and eliminating resistance to change. PER-K® is a way to accelerate this transformation. I have personally experienced PER-K® and I know it works. The immediate impact for me is I have more energy and commitment to what I want to do.”

Hazel Henderson
Founder and President

Ethical Markets Media, Florida


The methods of PER-K® provide people with a very effective tool to recreate their lives and unleash the power within to shape their lives as they wish.”

Louis Bohtlingk
Founder of Care First Innovation Network, Scotland


Business is stuck in old models that are not sustainable.   There are so many good people in business who want to bring much needed change but breaking away from the old models of thought and operations is difficult because of old patterns of thinking.  I find PER-K® to be a straightforward process that quickly changes subconscious patterns of thought.  I have experienced results including feeling better, unleashing my creativity, and increasing my courage all of which helps me maintain an enthusiastic, positive attitude toward our future.  I believe PER-K® is an accelerator that can enable business people to manifest new possibilities in their lives and in their work at a time when change is imperative.”

Leslie Danziger
Co-Founder, Former Chairman and CEO
LightPath Technologies and Co-Founder
Former Chairman, Solaria Corporation, Texas


After experiencing the PER-K® process, I am more able to be fully myself in all situations. Before the process I tended to hold parts of myself back. The powerful effects continue to unfold over time.”

Julie Daley
Consciousness Coach, San Francisco


PER-K® processes are powerful tools that provide dramatic breakthroughs in eliminating salespeople’s fear of rejection. They offer participants comprehensive involvement and an experience that is immediately applicable, with guaranteed results for peak sales performance.”

Joan R. Smith

Director Sales Force Training

Continental Airlines


I used to have a horrible fear of public speaking. As a result of taking the PER-K® learning workshop I not only got over my fear, I even joined Toastmasters! I was stunned when I won the Table Topic Award my first two weeks as a member. Now I feel that I can do anything!”

Robert Buchenberger

Owner, Buchenberger & Associates


PER-K® has had a significantly positive impact on my company. We are working together fluidly and smoothly. The work we do seems easier. The work volume and profitability have increased dramatically!”

Robert Naugler

Certified Public Accountant


PER-K® has dramatically changed my life! It has improved my leadership skills and has become a powerful “change” tool for my employees.”

M. June Smith

Vice President – Ceramicon Designs, Ltd.

Adolph Coors Company


There is no way to explain–people need to experience to understand. Pretty amazing stuff! This is not “far out” or incredible, but easy to understand and use. That’s the surprising part!”

Gretchen Aultman

Attorney at Law

This is definitely the “Bullet Train” to success!!”

Joseph Abrille

USDA Forest Service

Civil Engineering


I’ve seen significant change in the way our staff members relate to each other since our team building meeting. And, the effects are lasting!”

Cathy Waylett

Human Resources Manager

Marriott Corporate Services West


Results in Action

Sales: A sales team attended once a month development workshops for a year. The group agreed the information was applicable and the methods were better than they what they currently were using. However, they all admitted that they fell back to old patterns and habits. They attended PER-K® workshop and each had measurable changes within a short period of time AND they were amazed at how easy it was.

Calmer Communication: An individual felt stress and anxiety whenever communicating with a peer. Whether the communication was via email, phone or face to face. After working with the PER-K® process, the individual felt calm and confident whenever approaching or interacting with the peer. Result was greater creativity and effective performance.

Entrepreneur: In finalizing contracts, the individual quickly discounted and under priced the company services. Once limiting mindset about value of services was changed to knowing and honoring the value, the next contract was signed for twice the previous amount.

Confidence: Individual experienced limited business. Changed the inner mindset of ‘I am not good enough for people to pay me.’ to ‘I give valuable service and people pay me for it.’ He experienced getting three new clients the next week with full acceptance of his services and fees. As he shared later, “There is a new feeling of working for a purpose with confidence of the outcome.”