Effective Communication

Using Both sides of the Brain for a Change

Effective Communication helps participants create a greater capacity for communication with individuals and groups. It develops a higher level of cooperation between the left and right halves of the brain, creating a Whole-Brain State.  By increasing the “crossover” between the left and right  hemispheres, a balanced, two-way communication pattern is established. Successful communicators are able to utilize both their logic and emotions when communicating with others, thus dramatically increasing their effectiveness. The Whole-Brain State accelerates the process of changing subconscious beliefs that often prevent effective communication. Effective Communication is a must for people who want to overcome their fear of public speaking, and become at the art of effective communication.

Individuals are able to tap their full potential for increasing personal and professional effectiveness by changing self-limiting beliefs into Beliefs for Success.

Self-Limiting Beliefs Beliefs for Success
“I usually don’t give my opinion around others because I’m afraid they’ll think it’s foolish.” “I express my opinions naturally, with confidence and clarity.”
“If I compliment someone they will just think
I am trying to get something from them.”
“I am comfortable giving sincere compliments to others.”
“It doesn’t matter what I say, because people don’t really listen to me anyway.” “What I have to say is important and I say it with the clear expectation that I will be heard.”
“I am reluctant to criticize others because it will hurt their feelings and just make things worse.” “I communicate criticism in a fair and empathetic way.”
“When others disagree with me it’s probably because I’m wrong and they’re right.” “What’s right for me is OK for me, even when others disagree.”

These are just a few examples of the beliefs that affect communication. Participants receive additional example belief statements associated with this topic and learn how to write their own self-empowering beliefs. Detailed handouts are included to reduce the need for note taking and to enhance the individual’s ability to concentrate on the experience of aligning subconscious beliefs with conscious goals for sustainable success.