Exceptional Leadership

Leading by Example

“The goal of most leaders is to cause people to feel reverence for the leader — the goal of the exceptional leader is to cause people to feel reverence for themselves.”
Christopher J. Hegarty
& Philip B. Nelson
Seven Secrets of Exceptional Leadership

Exceptional Leadership empowers participants to access the highest levels of their leadership capabilities. You can unleash the latent talents hidden within the subconscious mind, the source of at least 95% of our consciousness!   By aligning subconscious beliefs with conscious goals, self-defeating behaviors that block effective leadership can be eliminated.  Participants are introduced to example beliefs associated with exceptional performance as a leader. They can make the difference between being an average leader and being a great leader! Exceptional Leadership is designed to benefit those just entering the ranks of leadership as well as seasoned executives in the field. Learn to tap your true leadership potential!

Individuals are able to tap their full potential for increasing personal and professional effectiveness by changing self-limiting beliefs into Beliefs for Success.

Self-Limiting Beliefs
Beliefs for Success
“I am in charge here, so it’s all up to me.”
“I naturally delegate responsibility to others when it is appropriate to do so.”
“If I share power with others I will lose the ability to accomplish my goals.”
“By sharing power with others I increase my ability to accomplish my goals.”
“If I show weakness or vulnerability, I will lose the respect of the people I am supposed to lead.”
“I am comfortable with my strengths and weaknesses as a leader.”
“If I can avoid making decisions I can avoid making mistakes.”
“I trust my ability to make decisions, and I take responsibility for my results.”
“If things change, they’ll probably get worse.”
“I look forward to change as a way to make things better.”

These are just a few examples of the beliefs that affect leadership. Participants receive additional example belief statements associated with this topic and learn how to write their own empowering beliefs. Detailed handouts are included to reduce the need for note taking and to enhance the individual’s ability to concentrate on the experience of aligning subconscious beliefs with conscious goals for sustainable success.