Managing for Excellence

The Whole-Brain Approach

“We doubt that a well-intentioned, just-try-harder approach will fundamentally improve the quality of executives’ decision making… training must be broadened to include what is now know about how our minds work and must expose managers directly to the unconscious mechanisms that underlie decision making.”
Banaji, Bazerman, & Chugh
Harvard Business Review, December 2003

Managing for Excellence introduces participants to the power of the subconscious mind in establishing consistent responses to situations rather than habitual reactions. Our behaviors are determined by our beliefs. Successful people have habits that make life more of a self-fulfilling prophecy than a day to day struggle! When subconscious beliefs conflict with conscious goals, we often experience self-limiting thoughts and self-sabotaging behaviors. True habits are automatic behaviors. Using PER-K® processes you can step into being an excellent manager by changing key subconscious beliefs to align your thoughts and behaviors with your goals and experience sustainable success.

Individuals are able to tap their full potential for increasing personal and professional effectiveness by changing self-limiting beliefs into Beliefs for Success.

Self-Limiting Beliefs
Beliefs for Success
“If I ask for help then I look like bad.” “I am comfortable asking for input from others.”
“I can’t trust others because they’re just in it for themselves.” “I consistently look for and expect the best from myself and others.”
“Since I am the manager, my way of doing things is the best.” “I accept that there are many ways of getting things done.”
“I can teach anyone how to do their job.” “I hire the best person for the position.”
“If I spend too much time training someone else, they will take my job.”
“I recognize the benefits of developing future managers.”

These are just a few examples of the beliefs that affect being an excellent manager. Participants receive additional example belief statements associated with this topic and learn how to write their own empowering beliefs. Detailed handouts are included to reduce the need for note taking and to enhance the individual’s ability to concentrate on the experience of aligning subconscious beliefs with conscious goals for sustainable success.