PER-K® Options…

Presentations — Embracing Change Differently

Providing explanations and reasons for changing the way we change.
Engages the audience through personal experiences and interactions.

Title and content can be customized to emphasize the impact with Sales, Leadership, Group Communication or other key strategies for success.

Individual Coaching

100% focus with changing an individual’s unique mindset to increase
personal and professional success.

Learning Workshops Essentials for Success™

Attend this foundational multiple day workshop to:

  • Achieve success faster
  • Create a culture for accepting change
  • Enhance implementation of all training and coaching
  • Establish subconscious alignment by individual to achieve business goals
  • Increase sales performance and results
  • Expand exceptional leadership throughout the organization
  • Elevate to a greater capacity for effective communication
  • Enhance team or group interaction
  • Create a wellness mindset to reduce absenteeism and health premiums
  • Revitalize passion and commitment
  • Align business principles with the Principles of Nature to create sustainable success
  • Discover how success is impacted by latest sciences such as neuroplasticity, quantum physics and mind/body integration

Overcome the fears and limitations
that stop you from doing
what you know you can do!

Workshop focuses on:

  • Learning the Change Processes
  • Experiencing Belief Changes
  • Applying the Processes
  • Integrating New Beliefs for Sustainable Success


General Agenda:

  • Impact of Beliefs with Professional Success
  • Review of Whole-brain concepts
  • Clarify Conscious, Subconscious and Superconscious Minds
  • Establishing direct connect with subconscious
  • Learn and experience two methods for changing limiting beliefs
  • Practice creating personalized beliefs to enhance your success
  • Explore ways of everyday use for ongoing improvement
  • Integration of learning through abundant practice and discussions


To discuss PER-K® for your organizational needs, please contact a Certified PER-K® Instructor or Robin Graham, Executive Director of PER-K® Centre International

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Essentials for Success Learning Workshop is offered with sample beliefs that are associated with exceptional performance in each area of experience. These beliefs are guidelines to unlocking the true potential of each individual in your organization. Remember, organizations don’t change until people change!

    Sample Focused Areas include:

Effective Communication — Using Both Sides of the Brain

Peak Sales Performance — The Psychological Advantage

Behavior Styles — Flexing with the Differences

Exceptional Leadership — Leading by Example

Managing for Excellence — The Whole-Brain Approach

Health and Wellness — The Mind/Body Connection

Turning Stress Into Success — It’s All in How You Look at It

Team Alignment — Enhancing Group Effectiveness

Sustainable Success — Key Principles of Nature and Success

The workshop focus and sample beliefs can be customized to a specific goal or to support a training and development process that is unique to an organization, such as:

Specific sales process, operational initiative, or for example:

Performance Appraisals — Gaining Commitment for Expected Results

Spirituality in Business — Expanding from Within

Coaching — With a Whole-Brain Perspective

Excellent Entrepreneur — Using Your Brain Trust for Success

Ethics — Aligning Individual and Organizational Agreements

Responsibility and Accountability — A Personal Commitment

Safety — Making Safety Awareness a Habit

Emotional Intelligence — Walking Your Talk

In every Essentials for Success learning workshop, the participants learn how to customize beliefs for success to foster ongoing improvements.



Rapport — Congruent Communication

Prerequisite: Essentials for Success workshop

Attending this one-day workshop provides ability for:

  • Establishing quality interaction with others
  • Increasing depth of understanding with others
  • Improved acceptance of different styles of speech
  • Expanded comfort when communicating with others
  • Reduced stress during various communication situations


To be an effective communicator
it is up to you to take responsibility
for establishing and maintaining rapport.

Workshop focuses on:

  • Learning the Rapport Processes
  • Experiencing Rapport Changes
  • Applying the Processes
  • Integrating Rapport for Sustainable Success


General Agenda:

  • Learn the importance of Rapport for Professional Success
  • Establish unique impact of individual filtering system
  • Review visual, auditory and kinesthetic language preferences
  • Explore impact of body language and tone of voice in communication
  • Discover personal preferences as well as stressors
  • Change stress reactions to neutral or calm responses
  • Experience various ways to apply the change processes
  • Integration of learning through abundant practice and discussions


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